Flexi HR Manager for SMEs:

SMEs, during their initial years, need not saddle themselves with the entire costs and processes of a large organization. Koushal Consultancy Services can help them during their growth path by providing support for HR processes. SMEs save of two important aspects:

  1. The time to setup the business: One function less to hire means time saved on all recruitment related functions
  2. The cost of hiring and maintaining a function which might not have full-time work. Operational expenses can be optimized and focused towards achieving business goals, thus keeping a tab also on any interest costs.

We support the following services:

  1. Consultation for HR Policy making
  2. Consultation for Legal terms with relation to Labour Laws
  3. Hiring services for Permanent and Contract Staff
  4. Managing the employee on-boarding and off-boarding process, as required
  5. Consultation for internal and external training
  6. Consultation on outsourcing for Financial Book keeping, Tax compliance, Payroll processing, Legal Services
  7. Additional support services tailored to your specific operational needs.