Executive Search and Permanent Staffing:

We specialize in executive search and selling. We connect with the right talent, no matter where they are, and ensure that the right talent joins your team. We have expertise in various business domains, sectors, functions and environments. We are up-to-date with the current trends and keep in touch with key executives to stay networked and connected. We have high professional expertise when it comes to mapping your requirements to capability of potential suitable search.  All our efforts are aimed to bring the desired positive impact for our customers. To ensure credibility of the candidate, our team does an employment, educational and criminal background checks.

Staff Augmentation and Contract Staffing:

We help our clients’ ramp up manpower for those short term or ad hoc positions where they find it difficult hire full time employees. Our contract staffing solutions offer for quick turn-around of your staffing needs. This will help you cut waiting time for resources, hiring costs and huge in-house training setups. In a contract staffing scenario, the employee is on our payroll. So you are spared of all the internal employee costs like HR processing, finance costs like payroll, insurance and tax processing, training costs and any separation costs.

We have an excellent team of well trained and experienced recruiters with special skills to seek out temporary job seekers profiles in the IT Services and other Industrial /Services sectors. Each prospective recruit is individually screened by our recruiter for validity of claims. Only then is a profile passed on to you for your final approval. We ensure that you spend less time in the selection process and thus providing you quality time to achieve your Business Goals.

Contract-to-Hire Services:

Do you have very specific requirements which you think the market does not have to offer right away?

Do you find that your people need to be trained and evaluated before a permanent on-boarding process?

You could opt for the contract-to-hire option. Under this option, you can train and evaluate the person we provide for a period of six months, and if the candidate is found suitable, you can convert him to a permanent employee. Even during the initial resume screening, we inform the candidate of the nature of the engagement and select only those candidates who agree to the arrangement.